Freeman Dre plays many roles, but primarily he is a storyteller.

An extraordinary lyricist (voted best songwriter in NOW magazine's 2010 reader's poll and nominated again in 2012) his musical narratives are full of vivid wordplay that command attention.

Armed with an expert band, renowned for their live shows, The Kitchen Party can jump genres without losing a beat. From Gypsy Ballads to Rock and Roll, their sound is always faithful to tradition while being impressively inventive. Nonetheless, at the core of this musical showmanship are these captivating songs that need no extra theatrics beyond the significance of Dre's voice and the authenticity behind his words.

The band's 2011 demo 'Red Door Second Floor' won accolades from critics and fans in their home Toronto, as well as Montreal, New York, and as far afield as Eastern Europe, and the UK. Encouraged by the success, their 2012 follow up 'Old Town' is a self-produced, more refined effort, with a storyline inspired by Dre's family history.

Currently, the boys are recording their third record, currently titled 'Reckless Good Intentions' and plan to put out a series of A-Side/B-side singles leading up to the full length release.

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Red Door, Second Floor
Old Town
Old Town

"Fantastic stuff"
~ Bob Harris, BBC Radio

"Freeman Dre is a musical alchemist"
~ Eric Thom, Sing Out Magazine

"few are able to cover this much lyrical ground"
~ Ben Conoley, Canadian Musician

"Highly entertaining live"
~ Kerry Doole, Exclaim Magazine

"Dark, yet affectionate"
~ Sarah Greene, NOW magazine

"This is my album of the year, without a doubt!"
~ Jeff Gilbert, No Depression